When Waveburg acoustics decided to build & design this compact line array,it had two objectives in mind.

1-Staying away from harsh professional stereotype sound quality
2-Best & most natural possible reproduction of instruments & human tonal range at the highest possible SPL with minimum harmonic distortion.


This approach to design has ruled out several elements of which, using aluminum or industrial material in the construction of the high-frequency horns & waveguides. If you ever listened to a metallic or plastic violin, you will instantly realize the reason. carefully designed wooden waveguides based on the mechanical bessel function has provided the LA8 with a horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees +/- 5 .5 dB.

most impressive is the clarity & HI-FI quality of sound that resembles audiophile equipment. Along with the angles at which the 8-inch drivers are placed on the front baffle the overall horizontal dispersion is way beyond what is expected from a compact line array.
The total group delay of the Midbass drivers is 8 ms at 1.2 kHz, which is way below the norm of a pro application. This is due to the placement and the large Helmholtz resonator exit surface. coupling of the Midbass drivers to the cabinet went through a long process of reverse engineering to achieve the minimum possible ratio of vent acceleration & velocity to driver acceleration & velocity. this, in turn, minimizes the vent noise & sound coloration associated with bass reflex cabinets.

Overall speed was a primary target in the design process, this was achieved by tuning the Q of the cabinet to provide a very small cone excursion, well below the Xmax of the high-efficiency 8-inch drivers.


• Patented high-frequency wooden waveguide. 
• Wide high frequency 120° dispersion optimized for use in wide areas.
• Pure titanium HF compression driver with neodymium magnet. 
• High efficiency, long excursion with flat response 8-inch midbass drivers.

• Extremely high-output to size and weight ratio.
• Proprietary flying ware, adjustable and modular.
• 2 Optional impedance loads, 4 Ω, or 16 Ω (specifying upon order).
• Bi-amp configurations


System Configuration:

Bi-amp mid-high unit 
MB/LF  2 x 8-inch high output mid-bass driver
HF  2 x 1-1/3 inch pure titanium voice coil, 1-inch exit driver on wooden hand-made waveguide horn

Frequency Response:
+/-3dB 85 Hz to 20k Hz 
-10dB 65 Hz to 21k Hz 

Sensitivity (SPL, 1W@1m)

LM  98 db
HF  110 dB


MB  16 Ω

HF  16 Ω

Power Rating (LF / HF):
Continuous 400 W / 60 W                                                                     
Program 800 W / 120 W                                                                   
Peak 1600 W / 240 W 
Calculated Maximum Sensitivity (LF / HF):
Continuous 124 dB / 128 dB 
Program 127 dB / 131 dB
Peak 130 dB / 134 dB

Coverage An:
Horizontal 120° - Vertical 10°


  Construction info   


Multi-layer birch plywood constructed

Cabinet : black texture
Mounting Hardware:

Full flying hardware & removable pins

2 x speakon NL4
1+/1- (MB+/MB-), 2+/2- (HF+/HF-)                                                            

Protective Grille:

15 gauge perforated steel

254mm(H) x 814mm(W) x 370mm(D)
Net Weight:

25kgs (55lbs)

Flightcase for two units

  Frequency Response Curve   

  Impedance Magnitude Curve   

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