Leading Syncrotek Holding along with our arsenal of experts, including Award-winning Electro-Acoustic engineers, Live Sound Engineers, Award-winning Light Designers, Architects, Creative Designers, Touring / Events experts, World Class Musicians, & System Integration engineers was a lifelong journey of joy, challenges & full llment. Only with such a wide spectrum of expertise, we’ve reached our objectives of world class audio/visual products & services that place us in a constant test of our limits & the extents of the available technology.


We at Waveburg, believe that human ears deserve a lot more than “Typical PA Sound”.


We also believe that sound system, whether in small clubs or in large indoor & outdoor venues, shouldn’t sound any less than high-end loudspeakers used at home or in the studio.

With our research, I believe that we will change many fundamental beliefs in the industry. Solely since the beginning of 2020, we’ve developed 6 new patents based on hydrodynamics for high dispersion & high-frequency models.


The Shiva project & the Hydracoustics research studies we are conducting will allow new horizons in higher end & lower-cost alternatives to stereo-type speaker systems.


My decision to defy the market patterns was internally supported by my courageous creative & technical teams. We look forward to a very fruitful future for our research & design challenges.


Thank You to my entire team & our partners, who never fail to surprise me. What a ride!... 


Solutions by Syncrotek:


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